Away weekend - Fairplay Benalup 13-16 September 2012

Benalup 2012

By Peter White, the organiser of the event:

22 hardy souls set off at the crack of dawn on the 13th September for a 3 day break to the Fairplay Golf & Spa Hotel in Benalup which is in the Cadiz region. We arrived to have lunch in a local restaurant as our all inclusive package did not include lunch on the first day, we all drank and ate heartily on typical Spanish cuisine. At about 3.30 when our package started we made the 5 minute drive to the hotel. That evening we ate in the French restaurant "la table" and then continued satisfying our thirst in the Putting Bar which overlooks the golf course.

The next morning, to my amazement, everybody made breakfast. Then the 19 golfers headed for the first tee, playing the waltz format, in stifling heat and following the consumption of many litres of water, the victors being Jacqui, Kristina, Mel  & John Fielding took their bow. The 3 non playing golfers chose to top up their tans beside the pool.
That evening we ate in "The Asia" restaurant with all the girls on one table and the men on the other, you can probably guess the noisiest bunch!!!. From there, surprisingly, we headed once again to the bar where we had a quiz of 26 questions to suit all nationalities, the winning team of Michelle, Rita and Maureen proved to be the most knowledgable.

The next morning at breakfast saw a scramble for the bananas to see if they could disprove one of the answers from the previous nights quiz (did you know that all bananas have 5 sides). Then onto the first tee to play stableford singles incorporating "Battle of the Sexes" , John Fielding took the Men's prize with 37 points and Roisin the Ladies with 38, the ladies were victorious with an average of 29.5 points against the mens 29. A special mention should go to Michelle who was playing her first competitive round of golf she scored 34 points which was many more than John.

That evening following our meal in "la table" restaurant, and you are probably ahead of me already, we headed for the bar, this time for a game of Mr & Mrs, the only thing I can remember is each ladies bra size!!!! The winners were John & Michelle who took first prize. The couple who appeared to know the least about one another were Lennart & Kristina, they now have the Mr & Mrs trophy, a condom testing device, which was donated by Lawrence, now sitting proudly somewhere in their apartment, Lennart put it down to the language barrier, at least Kristina may find her prize of a rolling pin handy to knock some sense into Lennart.

Somewhat hungover the next morning we began our golf from the 10th tee at 9.00 the format being the 2 best scores, when the first group arrived at the first to continue their round, they were told that, due to a computer malfunction, they would have to wait 90 minutes to complete the other 9, at that point we chose to truncate and head for the bar, the winners were Chris, Roisin, Rita & Issy.

At lunch Peter White presented the prizes for the 3 days of golf along with the result of the betting for Saturday's individual score. Well, it was a triumph for the Andrew family who ended up taking most of the money along with Roisin walking away with the prize for "Golfer of the Weekend". The group gave Peter a golf top for his efforts in organising the weekend which was gratefully received. The general consensus was we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

We then all headed for home and arrived safely back in Almerimar, EXHAUSTED.


Thanks to Lawrence Perkins who has produced a video of the weekend away that you can see here on youtube.

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