Away Weekend - Fairplay, Benalup - 8-11 Oct 2011

Fairplay, Oct 11

NOTE: This event was not subsidised in any way by the society.

8 players took part in the first ever away weekend organised by the society at Fairplay Golf and Spa hotel at Benalup between 8 and 11 October 2011.

We played better ball pairs with a different mixed partner each day for 3 days. We also all consumed too much food and/or too much drink over the same period.

Our thanks go to Honest Pete - the punters friend, for doing all of the organisation on-site and arranging the betting for while we were there.

It was a magnificent long weekend away at an excellent venue.

You can see the results below and some more photos here in the Gallery.

Pos. Player Score
1 Sharon 118
2 Peter W
3 Lennart 110
4 John Wo 108
5 Kristina 107
6 Rita 105
Alan Sl
Jacqui 100

Jacquim replies.. A great weekend and yes, I got the wooden spoon. Fair enough, thoroughly deserved. I did try to make a comeback on the last day to try and catch Mr President but failed by 1 point. I backed Sharon, Peter and Lennart. Sharon, true to past form, played very well and sailed into 1st position. In fact, I think everyone had backed her.

John could have finished in 2nd place had he not hit the brandy bottle hard on the last night!!  whereas some of us went for it on the 1st night!

What´s even more bizarre is that we won Mr & Mrs,  lord knows how it´s the 1st and most probably the last time ever..... here´s Lennart trying to make sense of the question cards.

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