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Great Britain & Ireland vs. Rest of World

About the Great Britain & Ireland vs. Rest of World competition

Originally the competition was England vs. Rest of Europe. It then became England vs. Rest of the World when we had a Canadian member of the society take part.

This is an annual competition held in January of each year. It is normally held on a Friday close to the end of January. The format is pairs better ball matchplay.

Participants pay their own green fee and pay an additional amount to organisers to cover the price of a 3 course evening meal plus gifts and prizes.

In 2013 the name was changed from England vs. Rest of Europe to England vs. Rest of World as we have some non-European members of the society. However the European flag will continue to be the symbol for the non-English team as we have very few non-European members of the society. 

In 2015 the name was changed to GB & I vs. Rest of the World. This was to to ensure that we could select even sized teams more easily.