Friday Golf Society - 2009


England vs. Rest of Europe 2009

El Segoviano

Well done to the Rest of Europe team for a well deserved 6-4 victory over England today. So Uli, the Rest of Europe captain (who played fantastic golf and was well supported by Johnny F today), will be picking up the Restaurante Segoviano trophy this evening.

Details of the matches are as follows:

Isabel H & Jan L lost to Joy & Alan 2 & 1

Roisin & Jurgen N beat Cynthia & Barry 3 & 1

Marianne & Mimmo beat Doreen & Frank 2 up

Marilena & Derek Mc beat Pat & Peter E 2 up

Amanda & Sune lost to Sharon & Brian  5 & 3

Barbara & Dermot lost to Penny & John A 2 & 1

Marie-Anne & Jürgen C beat Jacqui & Roy 4 & 2

Uschi & Hans O beat Joan and John Wi 7 & 6

Marion & Alfonso lost to Walter & Mike M 2 & 1

Uli & Johnny F beat John Wo & Bryn 4 & 2

Further details of the day and photos will be published in due course.

Segoviano trophy


The day in pictures........

When we first got up I thought we might not be able to play because it was so misty. It was still quite misty when we first got to the course but it cleared as the day went on.

Morning mist

We had three cameras at the event so there are a lot of pictures. Alan & Sharon used one, Jacqui had one and I had one. We started off getting some pictures from the chiringuito. Sharon stayed there and I moved over to the first tee to capture the action there.

Some even painted their faces and nails in their country´s colours!

War paint

Sharon´s nails.......

even nails

Jürgen & Roisin



We all took pictures going around the course. Alan was out first so when his match was finished he borrowed a buggy and went around the course taking pictures.



We also got some photos of the players at the chiringuito afterwards.

Jürgen & Marie-Anne

In the evening Alan, Sharon, Jacqui and myself arrived early to set up the TV screen in the restaurant. Once this was done people started to arrive. Everyone was in the restaurant and sat down ready for their meal at around 8.30pm.


We even had a small group of select guests in their own private dining room as demand for attending the event was so great.

The Elite

The food was excellent. I particularly liked my onion soup. The only minor issue we had was that our chicken curry was a little cold and we had to get it heated up a bit. We have found that restaurants in Spain sometimes serve their food at a lower temperature than people from the UK are used to.

Overall, I think that the meal was great and excellent value at 25 euros a head including drinks. The staff did a fantastic job of catering for 57 hungry people all at the same time.

Onion Soup

The large screen from the Alcor office was used to present a slide show throughout the evening.



The staff at the restaurant did a great job of looking after us. Many thanks to them all.

The workers

More workers

After the main course Alan ran through a presentation of the results from the day. It ended up with Uli, the Rest of Europe captain, being the first captain to receive the Restaurante Segoviano trophy.





After that we took some pictures of the winning and losing teams.

The Winners

The Losers

Then Fritz did a speech of thanks on behalf of Uli.


We then settled down to a very nice dessert of profiteroles. Once that was done we moved some tables to create a dance floor and got out Alan´s iPod docking station. Alan and I took turns to select tracks from our iPods while people had a good bop.


The evening eventually came to an end and the last 8 stragglers including the winning captain came back to our place for a drink and a chat. Sorry if we were a bit noisy Marianne.

All in all I think it was a good day even though England lost.

I hope that everyone that took part enjoyed themselves and I look forward to trying to win the Segoviano trophy when we play the England vs. Rest of Europe match again next year.