Martinez-Echevarría Pérez y Ferrero - Buying a property in Spain - 15 January 2013

Martinez-Echevarría Pérez y Ferrero Law Firm

The Martinez-Echevarría Pérez y Ferrero Law Firm are holding a seminar in Almerimar for FGS members entitled "Buying a property in Spain" on Tuesday 15 January 2013 at 5pm.

The list of attendees wll be maintained in the Alcor Properties office. Please contact Alcor Properties if you wish to attend.

The content includes the following main points:

-          i.- Introduction: i.e. presentation of myself and our legal firm, Martinez-Echevarría Pérez y Ferrero Law Firm (areas of law and countries where the firm is placed).
-          ii.- Buying a property: Brand new and resale. (deposit, private contract of sale, public deed).
-          iii.- Mortgage.
-          iv.- Due diligence: Legal search on the property.
-          v.- Purchaser’s guarantee: Bank guarantees, insurance.
-          vi.- Taxes: VAT, Stamp duty, Transfer tax, IBI, Plusvalía tax, Wealth Tax.
-          vii.- Non Resident Income Tax: (3% Retention).
-          viii.- Notary and Registry.
-          iv.- Utilities (electricity and water)/Spanish bank account.
-          x.- Lawyer legal fees.
-          xi.- Granting a will in Spain.

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