Short mat bowls 21 November 2012 - Results

Bowling players

16 people took part in our 2nd night of short mat bowls underneath the football stadium in El Ejido.

The society subsidised this event at 5 euros ahead with players also paying 5 euros to the bowls clubs.

This time we played a league competition. The results were as follows:

Pos. Team Won Pts For
1 Penny, Lawrence, John Wo & Debbie 2 10
2 Mike M, David H, Brian D & Marguerite 2 7
3 Bill E, Wendy, Mick Cl, & Chris P 1 6
4 Jim Sh, Peter, Mick Mc & Jacqui 1 3


Bowling winners

Thanks to the El Ejido Bowls club for helping organise this event.

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