Friday Golf Society - Rules


Friday Golf Society - Rules V1.6, 16 March 2016


1. Aims

The aims of the Friday Golf Society are:

-    To promote golf and other social activities for mixed ability golfers, partners and others in the Almerimar area regardless of age, gender or race.

-    Provide competitive but friendly golf with a handicapping system designed to ensure, as far as possible, equality between all participants.

2. Committee

The committee will consist of a President, Secretary and Treasurer and up to 2 other officers. So the committee will consist of between 3-5 members.

There is an optional role of Vice President that, if required, is nominated by the committee. If a Vice President is appointed they are the President-In-Waiting.

If there is no Vice President on the committee the role of President-In-Waiting can be combined with that of Secretary or Treasurer. Again, like Vice-President the President-In-Waiting role is nominated by the committee.

The committee is responsible for all aspects of the society.

A quorum for decisions at committee meetings is 3 members of the committee.

Elections will take place annually at the AGM with members serving 2 years and being elected on rotation with approximately 50% of the committee being elected or re-elected each year. In normal circumstances the posts of secretary and treasurer will not be vacated in the same year. The notice period for elections is 1 month in advance of the AGM. Nominations for posts must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the AGM.

The committee may also co-opt members of the society to assist with the organisation of various society events. Co-opted members may be asked to attend committee meetings but will not be entitled to vote on any matters requiring voting to take place.

3. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will be held annually in January - March of each year.

The agenda for the AGM will include as a minimum:

-    Approval of previous minutes

-    Report from the committee

-    Summary statement of accounts

-    Summary budget for upcoming year for approval by members (as documented in the FGS manifesto each year)

-    Structure of the committee and election of committee members

-    Amendments to the rules of the society for approval by members

-    Any Other Business (an open discussion but no subjects can be voted on during AOB)

The secretary must be notified at least 14 days in advance of the meeting of any proposal that members of the society wish to have voted on at the meeting.

4. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
An EGM may be called by the general committee or by a written request, stating the reason, to the President or the Secretary signed by a minimum of 20 current paid up members. The requested meeting will be arranged to take place within 14 days of the request.
All members will be informed by an announcement on the society website. This will include details of the time, place and reason for the EGM. The discussions at the meeting will be strictly limited to the reason on the request.

5. Methods of voting

All motions proposed at the AGM will be approved or not by a simple majority of members. Proxy votes will be accepted as long as there is clear evidence of the proxy voting rights having been allocated to a specified member.

Section 6 – Election Process

In the event of there being a need for a vote in the election of members of the committee the following key points will be followed during the process:

-    The election process will be based on that used after the conclusion of the 2013 Annual General Meeting.
-    Voting will take place immediately following the completion of an AGM (or EGM).
-    The voting process will be secret.
-    The results of the election will be announced within 24 hours of the vote.
-    The count of votes will be open for members to attend.

7. Membership

Membership is open to both males and females.

At present there is no limit set on the number of members of the society.

Membership subscriptions will be paid annually. They will be due on the 1st January each year and must be paid by 28th February LATEST.

The initial subscription is set at 20 euros per year and will be capped at this level until 2015. If there are sufficient funds the committee may consider reducing the annual fee for members renewing their subscriptions.

The committee will organise and decide the cost of all events. They will be notified to all members on the FGS website well in advance of each event.

Besides full membership the only other membership available is ¨TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP¨.  Non-members wishing to participate can ONLY do so by becoming temporary members and will pay a premium cost compared with full members.

8. Communications

All members will be advised of all important activities via email (e.g. AGM, EGM etc.). The society will also maintain a website to aid communication with members.

9. Golf

The society and its members agree to play and abide by the rules of golf as laid down by the R & A.

The committee will adopt a handicapping system that will be fair to all players and will maintain society handicaps.

A full record of all competitions will be kept by the committee and the members may ask to view results.

It is anticipated that handicaps will be adjusted after each competition run by the society so long as valid scores can be kept in the competition. However the committee reserves the right to adjust the handicap of members and temporary members based on ´general play´.

Members will ensure that their dress and behaviour is acceptable for the venue of any competition.

10. Golf competitions

It is expected that regular Friday team competitions will be organised by the society in Almerimar throughout the year. Where possible individual stableford scores will be gathered and used for handicap adjustments for society handicaps.

It is expected that, subject to demand, regular individual stableford competitions will be organised in Almerimar when no other competitions are being organised on Tuesdays (normally the summer season). These competitions will qualify for adjustments to society handicaps.

It is expected that, subject to demand, Sunday competitions using various formats (e.g singles, pairs etc.) will be organised in Almerimar when no other competitions (e.g. official competitions) are being organised. Where possible these competitions will qualify for adjustments to society handicaps.

It is expected that the society will organise a number of other competitions in Almerimar e.g. Woodsly Cup, Xmas Competition, UK & Ireland vs. Rest of World, Overs vs. Unders etc.

The society may also organise away days at other courses or weekends away.

11. Other events

The society may organise other non-golfing events for members, e.g boule competitions, social events etc.

12. Payments to cover ad-hoc expenses of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary

A payment of up to 50 euros a person each year is to be made to the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary from society funds. This is to cover the cost of ad-hoc expenses associated with society business (e.g. phone calls etc.).

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