Friday Golf Society - 2008


Woodsly Cup 2008 - 28, 30 & 31 Oct

The Woodsly Cup is normally held over two days, Tuesday and Friday. However, due to the possibility of bad weather occuring on Friday 31 October some people played their singles matches on Thursday 30 October.

Friday 31 October 2008

The photos from the final day of the Woodsly Cup are in the Gallery. Some of the players got a little damp due to the rain but we all got round. After we had all finished the weather took a turn for the worse so it was good to get 8 of the matches played yesterday otherwise there would have been a lot of wet golfers this afternoon.


Wet Sharon

After 8 of the final round matches had been played yesterday the girls had pulled the score back to Ladies 7 1/2 vs Men 9 1/2. There were 13 matches played today.The results were as follows:

Amanda Jürgen C
4&2 1
1 1 up
Marianne Alan
Jannie Jan L
3&2 1
1 3&2 Joy Bryn
1 4&2 Marilena John Wi
3&1 Adrienne Roy
1 6&4 Uli Alfonso
1 5&3 Cynthia Doug
1 3&2 Penny Sune
1 2&1 Sylvia Janne R
Sharon John Wo
2 up 1
1 4&3 Margaret Herbert
1/2 Uschi Fintan 1/2

The ladies got 9 1/2 points and the men only got 3 1/2 points today. So the final score was Ladies 17 vs. Men 13.

Congratulations to the Ladies. I can't wait for next year when we will get the chance to take the cup for the first time.

Everyone is off for a celebratory dinner this evening. So watch out for some photos from the dinner, a more detailed description of some of the matches plus a description of the celebrations this evening. We guess we might publish that tomorrow once we have recovered from what is likely to be a bit of a heavy night.


The ladies celebrated their victory in style last night at the final day dinner and prizegiving.


The ladies were the inaugural winners of the Woodsly Cup. We all celebrated at El Segoviano last night over a very good meal. The options were soup or salad to start followed by either seabass or pork, then dessert and coffee.  Many thanks to the staff at El Segoviano for their excellent service and friendliness.

During the meal, the tv screen which we borrowed from Alcor's shop window for the evening, played video of all the days matches.

After the dinner, Alan proceeded to entertain us by talking through the results of the matches which were presented on the tv screen as powerpoint slides.

Then it was time to present the ladies with their medals and the cup. Sharon and I took it in turns to call up the ladies individually and present them with their gold medals. As per tradition, the cup was filled with cava and passed around the ladies to take a sip.

The men, on the other hand, were given their bronze medals whilst sat at their tables. Bad luck guys, there is always next year!

The celebrations did not end there as some of us continued well into the early hours at the D Bar.

The tournament was a great success thanks to everyone who took part. It was fun to organise. I for one look forward to being in the ladies team next year to help retain the cup.

Thursday 30 October 2008

The results of the matches played today are as follows:

Points Won Ladies Men Won Points
1 7&6 Jacqui Lawrence

1 5&4 Joan Brian

3&2 Barbara Barry

Marie-Anne P John F

Isabel F Peter E 2&1 1
1 1up Mimi Jürgen N

1 3&2 Chris P Walter

Ingergerd Frank

Well, what a turnaround for the ladies in today´s matches played in the battle for the Woodsly Cup.

8 matches were played today in tough windy conditions. These games went ahead today as the weather forecast is not good for tomorrow. Therefore we gave people the choice of playing their matches today if they were able to do so.

Lawrence and I battled our way round in the wind. I started off well and had a pretty steady round given the conditions. Lawrence found himself in bunkers on quite a few holes, in some of which his ball was plugged or right up under the lip which made clean shots out near impossible.

We finished up with me winning 7&6 and retired to the chiringuito where I rewarded Lawrence with a beer for his troubles.

The ladies won 5, the men won 1 and there were 2 matches halved. So, the ladies are only 2 points behind with 13 matches to play tomorrow. Should be exciting.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

The results from the first day greensomes of the Woodsly Cup were as follows:

Points Won
Ladies team
Mens Team
Marianne & Chris P Alan & Frank 4&3 1
Joan & Barbara Bryn & Jan R 4&2 1
Sylvia & Christine C Doug & Jürgen C 4&2 1
Jacqui & Cynthia John F & Fintan 1up 1
Adrienne & Mimi John Wi & Brian 4&3 1
1/2 Sharon & Margaret John Wo & Jan L 1/2
Issy & Amanda Jürgen N & Lawrence 4&2 1
1 2&1 Penny & Marie-Anne Peter E & Barry
Marilena & Uschi Sune & Mikael 3&1 1

The score at the end of the first day is : Ladies 1 1/2 points vs. Men 7 1/2 points.

It was a very windy day and there were some first tee nerves. In the first group Frank hit a palm tree about 10 metres in front of the mens tee and Alan hit his tee shot in the water. In my group Jan L didn´t get his tee shot past the ladies tee. So he had to buy the beers afterwards.

The rain held off with only a few spits and spots for about 5 minutes. It got very cold on the back nine when it clouded over.

The ladies didn´t do very well today but there is plenty of opportunity for things to turn around on Friday when there will be 20 singles matches.

Following the Greensomes competition we all had dinner at Al-rruz at 9pm.

alan and alfonso al-rruz

We walked down to the restaurant at 8pm as we needed to set up the laptop to play back all the photos taken during the day onto the large screen inside the restaurant.

Alan had organised the Day 1 dinner at Al-rruz and we had over 40 people attending. Tables were set up inside and out. The meal consisted of a mix of starters followed by either roast lamb or cod. I opted for lamb and it was very tasty, especially with the salsa gravy spooned on top. Dessert was ice cream or cheesecake and the drinks were all included with the meal. Thanks to Al-rruz for a super meal.

As soon as the meal was over, we attended to the important matter of the draw for the Friday singles matches. Sharon and myself went around the tables with ice buckets, one filled with ladies names and one with mens, asking people to draw for the pairings. Alan then read them out whilst John entered the names, handicaps and shots to be given or received into the laptop so this was visible to all on the large screen.

The atmosphere was very lively whilst this was going on as you can imagine. Some of the matches will be very exciting indeed looking at the draw. Particularly Sune vs Penny and Walter vs Chris P. I am playing against Lawrence. John and Sharon got drawn together (again!) after playing against each other in the greensomes and Alan meets Marianne, who he also played against in the greensomes.


For more photos see the Gallery.