Friday Golf Society - 2009


Woodsly Cup 2009 - 27 & 30 Oct


The Woodsly (with Spanish pronunciation of Sly - Woodslee) Cup 2009 took place in wonderful weather on Tuesday 27 October and Friday 30 October. The competition was men vs. ladies matchplay with pairs on the Tuesday and singles on the Friday.

Shots and Handicaps

Last year ladies received 2 courtesy shots. This year they received 1 courtesy shot.

The basis for handicaps was full sloped handicaps for both the pairs and singles matches with ladies adding their courtesy shot to their handicap.

The management committee will be investigating alternative handicapping methods for the 2010 event.

Tuesday 27 October

Ten pairs matches took place. Today, Janet stepped in as a late substitute for Cynthia who had hurt her back. Lars was a late replacement for Peter E who injured his finger at church. Thanks to Janet and Lars for helping us out.

On arrival at the course all players received a small tote bag with the Woodsly Cup 2009 logo on it. The bag contained tees enscribed with Alcor Properties and Almerimar Today, a ball marker and a pitch mark repairer.

Goody bag

There were a number of tight matches but some bigger wins. The overall score from the day was Ladies 7 - Men 3.

Ladies Men
Amanda & Joy   7 & 5
John Wo & Fintan
Isabel F & Margaret 5 & 4
  Bryn & Paul M
Joan & Sharon 1/2 1/2 Lawrence & Barry
Janet & Pat 7 & 5
  Herbert & Jürgen N
Jacqui & Lynda 3 & 1
  John Wi & Mick H
Uschi & Uli 5 & 4
  Roy & Doug
Marion & Mimi   2 & 1
Albert & Sune
Barbara & Nina 1/2 1/2 John F & Jürgen C
Marie-Anne & Chris P 6 & 4   Alfonso & Lars
Marianne & Marilena 2 up
  Frank & Alan


We took pictures of each of the 10 groups. Alan went out last and spent a lot of time on the first tee taking pictures of people teeing off. Alan, Sharon, Jacqui and myself also took pictures going around the course.


In the evening we went to El Espigon for dinner where we announced the results from the day and posted the draw for the Friday matches live on the internet on this site. Here we were joined by Peter and Mai who wanted to meet the regular golfing crowd so they can join in next time they are in Almerimar. In all there were 46 of us at El Espigon.

Dinner at Espigon

After dinner we all had a bit of a boogie.

Dancing at Espigon

See the Gallery for more photos from the day and the evening.

Friday 30 October

20 singles matches took place. This time Zoe, from Yes Yachting, substituted for Cynthia. Hans O substituted for Peter E, Walter substituted for Alfonso (who had to work that day) and Janne R substituted for Douglas who had a bad shoulder. Thanks to Zoe, Hans, Walter and Janne for helping us out.

The men arrived in hope and left the course in utter despair. They were given a sound drubbing by the Ladies again this year.

Ladies Men
Jacqui 6 & 4   Barry
Sharon 1/2 1/2 Fintan
Amanda 7 & 5   Roy
Marianne 1/2 1/2 Bryn
Chris P 2 & 1   Janne R
Pat 5 & 4   Jürgen C
Marilena   3 & 1 Lawrence
Marie-Anne   4 & 2 John F
Zoe 2 & 1   John Wi
Joy 5 & 3   Herbert
Margaret 1 up   Paul M
Nina   3 & 2 Hans O
Uli 2 & 1   Walter
Uschi 8 & 6   Albert
Isabel F 2 & 1   Mick H
Mimi 2 up   Jürgen N
Marion 1/2 1/2 John Wo
Barbara   4 & 3 Sune
Lynda 5 & 4   Frank
Joan 5 & 4   Alan Sl

Score from Friday: Ladies 14 1/2 - Men 5 1/2

Score from Tuesday: Ladies 7 - Men 3

Final result: Ladies 21 1/2 - Men 8 1/2

Again, Alan went out last so he could take pictures of each group and their swings on the tee.

Mick and Isabel


Play was very slow as we were playing as pairs behind groups of 4 people. For the singles next year we will look to book around 5 extra tee times that we don´t use. We will have a buffer of empty holes in front of the first pair out. That way we will probably finish at around the same time as this year but be on the course for less time.

When their matches were over Jacqui and Sharon hopped into buggies and zoomed around the course taking photos and gathering news of the scores. Thanks to Barry for driving Jacqui around. However, I think you may need to improve your driving skills.

Walter and Uli

Barry´s driving

In the evening we went to El Segoviano for dinner.

El Segoviano

We were joined by Ray and Mary who are hoping to take part in the Friday golf next year. In preparation for that Ray was wandering around the course during the day assessing what was very much a mixed quality of golf. In all there were 48 people at the restaurant so we filled the place to capacity.

Marion, Ray and Chris P

We again had a very good meal, during which we announced the results. After the announcement the ladies came up to collect the trophy they retained. They also all got Woodsly Cup 2009 Winner bag tags that they can display proudly on their golf bags.

Uli, Zoe and Jorg


the ladies


Bag tag

After dinner there was a spot of dancing and then we all made our way home (apart from the dirty stopouts who went to see the late night music at Fusion).


John´s chest

See the Gallery for more photos from the day and the evening.

In all there are over 300 photos from the two days in the Gallery.

We look forward to next year when, hopefully, the men can make a bit more of a fight of it.