Friday Golf Society - Low/high handicap competition - 13 February 2013


Low/high handicap competition - 13 February 2013

Quite some time ago we were asked to arrange a high handicappers competition on the Classic course to encourage some of our society members with higher handicaps to take part in our competitions.

When preparing the 2012/2013 calendar the committee scheduled the event for Wednesday 13 February 2013.

The committee has now decided that we will hold two competitions on the same day. Both over 18 holes, twice around the Classic course. One for lower handicappers and one for higher handicappers.

Both competitions are individual. The 50% of players entering the event with lower handicaps will play a medal competition. The 50% of players with higher handicaps will play a stableford competition.

The entry list for this joint competition is now up on the noticeboard at Almerimar. It will be taken down on Tuesday 12 February.