Friday Golf Society - Please avoid slow play


Please avoid slow play

Avoiding slow play is something all members of the society must be aware of any time they play at Almerimar and elsewhere.

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Recently the Spanish Golf Federation issued a document containuing guidelines on how to avoid slow play. You can see the document here on the RFEG website.

We have spent some time doing a rough translation of this document into English and have uploaded the translation to here on this site.

We urge all members of the society to read this document and make sure that we all adopt the approach recommended to improve the speed of play.

One other point to note is something Mr President says often - "Your place on the course is behind the group in front of you, not ahead of the group behind you".

If members of the society have lost half a hole or more on the group ahead it is their responsibility to speed up to help maintain the speed of play for everyone on the course. Please remember this and act accordingly.