Friday Golf Society - Friday golf - 12 February 2016


Friday golf - 12 February 2016

We had 34 members taking part in a Reverse Waltz competition with 2 hidden holes. It was breezy when the first team teed off and by the end of the round it was blowing a gale.

The top scores reflected the problems caused by the weather. The top two teams both scored 82 points. This is the lowest ever score to win in this format since we started keeping track of scores in 2010. Also, both of the top two teams had a Doris player.

The winners with a score of 82 points were Jim Sh, Bobby C, Ann N and Doris4. It was a really close thing. The top two teams could not be separated by hidden holes. Then they were only separated on lower handicap by 1 shot.

Last place and chocolates went to Jürgen N, Maria H (2nd week in a row), Dot P and Heinz with a score of 70 points. Again this was a close thing with only 1 point separating the bottom 3 teams.

Interestingly the winning score yesterday was only 1 point more than the highest ever chocolate score in this format. Whereas the chocolate team yesterday were 9-11 points better than the worst ever 3 scores in this format.

Nearest the pin was won by Jim Sh with a distance of 0.51m. Too long a distance to be in the top 3 best ever nearest the pins on Fridays.

Thanks to Jim Sh for doing the prize giving this week. Also, many thanks for the ode to the ladies in advance of Valentine's Day.

As yet, we have not got around to processing the cards from yesterday. We will write a separate story once we have done so.