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Friday Starting Times


The time of the competition each Friday is normally published here the weekend before.

This page is updated with details of tee times normally by no later than 7.30pm on the Thursday before the competition.

To book a place put your name on the list on the board near the pro shop or contact us via the form on the Comps. Entry Form page.

Entry list is the clubhouse closes at 14:00 ON THURSDAY

Entry via the form on the website closes at 12:00 ON THURSDAY

BAD WEATHER - In the event of bad weather the organisers will make the decision about whether the competition is cancelled or curtailed. Any team that stops playing due to weather conditions or any non-emergency situation during their round will receive the score they have made up to the point at which they stop.
INJURY OR EMERGENCY - If an individual golfer cannot complete their round due to injury or some form of emergency - if possible the rest of the team should continue their round and keep all scores on all remaining holes. The organisers will then substitute a DORIS score for the remainder of the round of the golfer that had to retire. Then calculate an overall team score.




By prior request any member may make a permanent choice to play off forward tees AT REDUCED HANDICAP (MEN BLUE - LADIES ORANGE). (This option is not available when playing twice around the Classic. As we do not have a suitable slope table available for this configuration).


On some occasions the tees are well back. So to make the course a little easier we play off the following special tees of the day:

- On White hole 1 (Master 1) men always play off the official BLUE tee (wooden marker). The ladies play off the front of the tee that is directly in front of the tunnel.

- On White hole 2 (Master 2) if the yellow tee is on top of the hill the men play off the back of the lower tee. If the men are forward in this way the ladies play off the very front edge of the tee area.

3. THE ONLY DROP ZONE IN PLAY IN FGS COMPETITIONS IS THE ONE ON RED HOLE 3 (MASTER 12). If you use this drop zone you are able to drop either on the artificial mat or just behind it on the grass.


 Near Pin:  
 Drinks:  Almerimar Clubhouse

*This is the earliest tee time guaranteed for us on hole 10 and our latest expected time to complete 9 holes.

If we arrive at tee 10 before the first time we may have to wait. As players starting their round on this hole

have priority over us. If we arrive after the second time we are playing too slowly.

Also your place on the course is directly behind the group in front of you.

Tee 1 Tee 10 Group
12:40 *14:40 - 15:04 COMPETITIONS CANCELLED.
12:48 14:48 - 15:12 .
. .
12:56 14:56 - 15:20 .
13:04 15:04 - 15:28 .
13:12 15:12 - 15:36 . . . .


If you have any questions about the society you can get in touch with us using the contact form on the Contact Us page. 

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